lovessweets19 (lovessweets19) wrote in otaku_community,

145 + doujinshi, many het pairings! Bleach, FMA, GS, more!

I'm willing to get down to your asking price :)

Hello guys, thank you for letting me be part of this community. I have some books I am interested in selling.

I will post pictures of all of my books after the cut below. There are round 145 + covers of doujnshi ranging from Bleach, OP, Gundam Seed Destiny, FMA, Inuyasha, Howl's Moving Castle, Gankotsuou Final Fantasy 8 and 10 etc.

Most books revolve around romance between heterosexual pairings such as Ed x Winry, Athrun x Cagalli, Renji x Rukia, Luffy x Nami, Zoro x Tashigi,  Irvine x Selphie etc. But there are allot of gags/serious stories/and even some yaoi in there as well like Renji x Ichigo and Roy x Ed (if the art alone interested me).

Allot of these books are hard finds and I had to dwell into yahoo Japan to get them.

If you are interested in any of them, or a few, please drop me a line with an offer mbobe[at]syr[dot]edu

I accept paypal payments, well concealed cash or money orders.  Shipping discounts available + International Shipping!

Note: Not all books are pictured below, click on the photobucket link to view  bigger covers, fandom info and individual book descriptions.

Allot more Bleach books, serious stories and special anthologies such as a Shuuhei only  200 + page book. Also some Gankutsuou, Yugi-oh and  Star Wars, etc. Feel free to ask for some inside scans of the books below.



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