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Where the Otakus are....
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1. Don't be rude
2. Don't be a troll
3. Be yourself (without infringing on rules one and two.)
4. It's okay to post one pic 300x300 as a teaser, but any more need to be behind a cut. As do really long entries, and any fanfics/stories.
5. Remember to have fun.

This is a community for posting your thoughts, feelings, whatever else (just so long as it's not ecchi or hentai, okay?). Advertising is okay, but within reason. Try and respect other peoples posts; don't get into a flame war. You want to fight, take it to an IM account or someone elses journal. To much flaming, and I will freeze or delete the entry.
Any Anime/manga/video game is welcome here! As is all cosplayers, prop makers, con staff members; you do something related in any form to Japan, you're welcome! And even if you don't, You're still welcome!
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